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Bad Girls Series 1-4
Bad Girls : Bad Girls - Series 1-4
Hard-hitting, award-winning, original and controversial, Bad Girls depicts the trials and triumphs of prison inmates and officers in the notorious women's prison of HMP Larkhall. It's a tense and sexually charged atmosphere and it's a hidden world where anything can happen.... This bumper box set features all the uncut episodes from the first four series.
Bad Girls Series 5-8
Bad Girls : Bad Girls - Series 5-8
The hard-hitting, smash hit ITV1 drama Bad Girls takes viewers behind the doors of HMP Larkhall. Follow the women’s heart-wrenching and shocking stories while getting down and dirty with life behind bars. Full of corrupt officers, scheming prisoners and tragic lives, survival inside is tough and sometimes violent. Never shying from the darker side of prison life, Bad Girls also celebrates the warmth, compassion and defiant sense of humour that can sometimes triumph, even behind bars…Collector's set featuring the complete fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth series of the popular British women-in-prison drama.
Bad Girls Book
Bad Girls : Bad Girls: The Inside Story
Published to co-incide with the the airing of the third season of the succesful drama "Bad Girls", this text is a guide to Larkhall prison and its most notorious inmates, as well as a companion to the show. Consisting of interviews and episode guides, as well as exclusives on the cast and characters, it features stills from the episodes already shown in the first and second seasons, and from the third series.
Footballers' Wives Extra Time Series 1 : Footballers Wives - Extra Time: Series One
Spin-off from the phenomenally successful 'Footballers Wives' drama following the loves, lives and traumas of Earls Park FC team and their significant others.
Footballers Wives Series One
Footballers' Wives Series 1 : Footballers' Wives - Season 1
They say that football is the new rock 'n' roll, and the Earls Park FC wives are living it to the full. They've got the designer gear, the palatial homes, the flash cars, the platinum credit cards, and the handsome superstar husbands. But underneath it all they are ordinary women, struggling to keep their marriages intact while their husbands dazzle the crowds on the pitch, and the girls in the nightclubs... This collection feature the entire first season.
Footballers' Wives Series 2 : Footballers' Wives - Season 2
Contains all eight episodes from Series Two.
Footballers Wives Series Three
Footballers' Wives Series 3 : Footballers' Wives - Season 3
Contains all nine episodes from Series Three.
Footballers' Wives Series 4 : Footballers' Wives - Season 4
They’re back bigger and better than ever before Footballer’s Wives: The Complete Fourth Series. Old favourites, new characters and a host of guest celebrities are featured in the nine episodes from the 2005 series.
Footballers' Wives Series 5 : Footballers' Wives - Season 5
Series five in the popular show, Footballers' Wives is the smash hit television drama that centres on the loves, lives and traumas of the star footballers of the fictional Earls Park club and their significant others.
Footballers' Wives : Footballers' Wives - Series 1 And 2
Features the complete episodes from the first and second series of the popular television drama.
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