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Rock Rivals

Set against the glossy, bitchy backdrop of a TV music talent show, Michelle Collins (Dr Who, Two Thousand Acres of Sky, Eastenders) and Sean Gallagher (Coronation Street, New Street Law) go to war as Karina and Mal Faith, the bickering judges on the phenomenally successful Rock Rivals.

When Mal's affair with an assistant becomes public knowledge, all hell breaks loose and their marriage spectacularly, and very publicly, implodes.Behind the lights and glamour of the huge Rock Rivals studio set, viewers see the judges plotting in their dressing rooms, the contestants misbehaving in the boot camp house, and Mal and Karina's luxury mansion split down the middle as they attempt, unsuccessfully, to live seperate lives.


Rock Rivals is a drama exposé of an industry like no other. It's a world where bad behaviour is not only tolerated, but encouraged and where image is often more important than talent. It celebrates the fun and unique craziness of the pop machine; where the young and naive are propelled from obscurity to celebrity overnight, with life changing consequences for all.

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