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Footballers' Wives TV

With backstage access to four series of Footballers' Wives, FWTV: Footballers' Wives TV is a special interest satellite channel made for, by, and about footballers' wives: real, fictional, aspiring or dangerously delusional.

Fronted by two sofa-dwelling beautifully styled presenters, Footballers' Wives TV is an innovative ‘mockumentary’ based on the popular book How To Be A Footballers’ Wife. Made by and about Footballers’ Wives for those wishful-women who aspire to follow in the Choo-clad footsteps of their idols, prepare to be well and truly hooked as viewers are treated to a myriad of essential tips gift-wrapped in a stylish package. The channel is packed to the hilt with a host of celebrity guests, roving reporters, style, cooking and home tips as well as regular weather updates and infomercials.

Plus, those important issues that will set any wannabe on the path to leading the ultimate glamorous life will have viewers glued, as our hosts offer essential advice on everything from the latest trends in hair extensions, fashion dos and don’t’s, mansions verses high-tech apartments… Also, to ensure that the beautiful bride has a little bit of knowledge about the beautiful game, there’ll be a few tips to keep her going before she secures that all important platinum card – although nothing too taxing!  For example, what the big netty things at either end of the pitch are for, or the difference between a Brazilian and a Brazilian!

 Be warned - any potential Footballers’ Wife doesn’t stand a chance of reaching her ultimate goal without tuning in to the only channel that will get her there! 

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