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Footballers' Wives Series 4

It might be sex, sun, soccer and sangria, but will it all be fun and games for the Footballers’ Wives this season?

The team are relaxing on holiday in Spain at the start of this 10-part series. The top-quality golf courses, sexy female golf caddies and the picturesque poolside villas make it the perfect place for the lads to unwind pre-season kick-off.

 But it’s not all fun-in-the-sun as a poolside party gets out of hand and the players find themselves in hot water with both the police and their wives.

 Meanwhile, the wives reunite with their own pre-season diamond party. The glamour-pusses are only too happy to part with their husband’s cash when some tasty male jewellery models show off their wares.

 Tanya Turner returns after her spell in Larkhall Prison – it’s nine months on and she and Amber Gates are about to deliver their babies. Conrad Gates can’t wait to be the proud father… of both babies.

 A new member, Bruno, joins the squad. Nearing the end of his career in football, he’s planning a private business venture with his gregarious wife, Lucy. But, beneath his charming exterior, Bruno secretly harbours an angry and controlling personality.

 Meanwhile, Noah is still struggling with being an openly gay footballer. He’s determined to address the situation and will take some drastic action this series.

 And the once-solid relationship between Shannon and Harley lies in tatters after her end-of-season drinking binge. Will an expensive divorce be their next step?

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