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Footballers' Wives Series 3

A new season at Earls Park and fresh challenges for the Earls Park players and their wives. Kyle Pascoe is doubly bereaved following the deaths of his best friend and now his wife. But even grief won’t stop Chairman Frank Laslett from his dreams of playing in Europe next season. Frank has signed three great new players; northern whiz-kid, Harley Lawson, Noah Alexander and international striker, Conrad Gates. This season, the Sparks have everything to play for…

Out in the paradise of Thailand, Frank cuts a deal with Conrad Gates making Gates the most expensive player in Earls Park history and one of the most sought-after players in world football. A genius on the pitch and a tiger in the bedroom, Gates is a bi-sexual adventurer. Women, men – anyone is fair game, especially if there’s room for Amber, his stunning and sultry wife. Amber is an ex-Bollywood starlet who has spent years at the top as a society queen. She’s not going to give up her international crown without a fight.  Forget Posh and Becks- Conrad and Amber are 100% international jet-set; the Burton-Taylor de nos jours.

Struggling to come to terms with the death of Chardonnay, Kyle switches into self-destruct mode.  A cocktail of grief, drink, gambling and anger results in the loss of his captaincy and a career-threatening injury. Will Pascoe ever play professionally again, let alone lead his team into Europe?


Fresh from a £5 paper-round in the north, Harley Lawson is now on £13,000 a week and life has never been so good. Joined by his fiancée, Shannon, the pair are soon entranced by the glamorous, outrageous world of Premiership Football. Like kids in a sweet shop, they can buy anything. In her efforts to shine in this brave new world, how far will Shannon go? Lipsuction? Another boob job? Collagen implants? What does it take to become a real footballers’ wife?


And what of the ‘Merry Widow’, Tanya Turner? Happily single after the death of ‘that bastard’ Jason, Tanya makes a marriage of convenience to Frank Laslett. Ever-resourceful, Tanya determines to grit her teeth and gird her loins, so as long as Frank pays her Gold Card. But when she meets Conrad Gates in the opulent splendour of Thailand, Tanya’s immediately smitten. When she discovers that Frank only has six months to live, her future seems much rosier. When Conrad is made Captain of Earls Park, her destiny is on course. There’s only one hurdle between Tanya and Conrad- his wife. And so commences The Battle of the Bitches…

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