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Footballers' Wives Series 2

The first series left viewers on the edge of their seats with a cliff-hanger ending as tense as a penalty shoot-out and series two proves to be just as sensational as the last, with a mysterious corpse in the Pascoes’ pool, a couple of steamy affairs, a dramatic court case, and a christening that’s every bit as lavish as we’d expect from a couple that buy their son a miniature Ferrari before he’s old enough to crawl…

Five months have elapsed since Kyle and Chardonnay decided to bring up the child of Kyle’s mother Jackie as their own son – and now Chardonnay’s already negotiating the baby’s first glossy magazine deal.  But will Jackie be able to take a back seat while the pair play happy families?

 And will Kyle’s Earls Park team-mate Jason Turner put two and two together and realise that he’s the father – following his snooker table romp with Jackie?  In the meantime his wife Tanya is trying to avoid an attempted murder charge for her attack on club chairman Frank Laslett by bringing a case against him for attempted rape.  Tanya’s an expert at playing the innocent – but will she able to lie quite so convincingly when she’s standing in the dock?

 Donna and Ian Walmsley are still distraught after the kidnapping of their young daughter at the end of series 1…  will the new series see her returned to the family home, or are the Walmsleys facing a terrible tragedy?  

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