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Footballers' Wives Extra Time Series 2

The naughty little sister of Footballers’ Wives is back and ready to kick off its football boots and head straight to the club for some late night, off pitch antics.

The series opens with distraught Anika Beevor praying her posh boyfriend Oliver will wake from his coma.  Olly is in hospital stuck on a life support machine after a near fatal car crash, but at least it means he’s off the coke for the moment.

His dad, Earls Park Chairman Garry Ryan, is less compassionate and thinks they should switch him off – what’s the point of prolonging the inevitable?

Meanwhile, the once ‘hot new talent’ of Earls Park, Seb Webb, is fighting to stay out of Division Two after been dumped from the Premiership and will be less than impressed when he discovers his girlfriend Yasmin is still seeing her bad news ex-boyfriend, Cash.

Poor Darius Fry’s leg is in smithereens, his life in tatters, and Garry Ryan wastes no time in dropping him from Earls Park.  Darius is devastated – without football he’s nothing.  Luckily Nurse Dunkley is back on the scene and with her magical healing hands, is sure to stir both the boys from their hospital beds.

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