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Bad Girls

Bad Girls is a powerful drama depicting the trials and triumphs of prison inmates and officers in a notorious women's prison. The show dramatically portrays this tense and unusual community, capturing the warmth, compassion, and humour needed to survive the system.

On the outside are the women's homes, partners, and children. On the inside, they must negotiate their places in the prison's hierarchy and sometimes make new sexual choices. Bad Girls shows the relentless officiousness of the prison system and its regulations pitched against the devious tactics of the smarter prisoners.

Tense storylines and controversial issues are coupled with intelligent performances by a great ensemble cast. As well as creating memorable characters that viewers love - or love to hate - Bad Girls has featured appearances by major international stars including Stephanie Beacham (The Colbys, Dynasty, Tenko), Kate O’Mara (Dynasty), and Amanda Donohoe (LA Law).

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