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Bad Girls Series 8

Life on G Wing is shaken up irrevocably when new Wing Governor Louise ‘Lou’ Stoke takes the helm at a time of crisis. Ex-Army Governing Governor Joy Masterton likes to run G Wing with a rod of iron, but Lou has some very different ideas and she’s not afraid to fight for them.

With a suspected terrorist on the wing, new Prison Officer Donny Kimber is on a secret mission. Fancying himself as a bit of a ‘James Bond’, he couldn’t be more thrilled when he’s asked to be a secret Police Liaison Officer. He’s working undercover but how long will it take until he’s found out – especially when he gets cosy with one of the inmates?

 Sylvia Hollamby ‘Bodybag’ is miffed when she is passed over for the New Wing Governor’s position. 

 Pat Kerrigan still regarded as top dog, is driven to the edge by Natalie Buxton. Could this be the end for one of them?

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