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Bad Girls Series 7

Jim Fenner faces life on the other side of the bars. An ex-screw, Jim’s a lamb to the slaughter. Soon he’s begging for protection in the segregation block - along with the paedophiles and rapists. For Jim there’s only one way out – death or escape.

 Just when Sylvia Hollamby thinks her life is going to be ruined by an evil ‘voodoo curse’, her luck changes. The dashing Dr Malcolm Nicholson seems to have fallen for her and Sylvia is over the moon. But this new found love couldn’t have anything to do with the fortune Sylvia has just inherited… could it?

 Two new inmates, credit-card fraudsters, Janine Nebeski and Arun Parmar, arrive on G Wing.  Janine hates Arun for ‘fessing up in the witness box and she’s bent on bloody revenge.  Natalie Buxton) seizes on the opportunity to divide and rule and together - she and Janine make Arun’s life a misery.  Just when Arun thinks things couldn’t get worse, her most personal of personal of secrets is revealed to the entire wing with disastrous consequences.

 A new Top Dog, Pat Kerrigan, arrives, transferred from another prison at her own request.  Soon we’ll find out why - she’s got unfinished business with G Wing’s newest inmate, the ‘saintly’ Sister Thomas More. 

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