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Bad Girls Series 6

Bad Girls is back and the question on everyone’s lips seems to be – did Yvonne Atkins make it out alive?

New faces on G Wing include Frances Myers, a sassy, tough nut - not to be messed with; smart, sophisticated inmate Natalie Buxton, but why is she so terrified?  Then cool as a cucumber in comes Darlene Cake with nerves of steel and an acid tongue.

With such a heady mix of characters will Di Barker be able to keep her grip on the wing, and will this be at the expense of some happiness in her personal life?  Struggling heroin addict Colin Hedges finds himself with a few new unlikely admirers, whilst Sylvia Hollamby is hanging on to the role of Senior Officer until she’s able to draw her pension, but how long will she last?

Out on the wing – the two Julies’ fight against cancer has given them renewed vigour to challenge the system, the extent to which they’re prepared to do so shocks the nice but dim Tina O’Kane .

The Costa Con’s harmonious relationship seems to be fading fast– will Phyl’s battle for top dog status be undermined by Bev’s  decision to come off the gin and onto something harder? 

Phyl finds an unlikely ally in Glaswegian bulldog Al MacKenzie while lifer Kris Yates and her prison guard lover Selena Geeson sustain their clandestine relationship - but can they find a way to the outside - now Yvonne has made her break for it?   

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