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Bad Girls Series 5

The Three Julies, along with Al McKenzie, Buki Lester and Barbara Hunt were last seen trapped by the explosion that destroyed part of HMP Larkhall – who of the group has survived, and what are the lasting effects of their terrifying ordeal?

Denny is deeply affected by the death of Shaz – and is out for revenge on Snowball Merriman as a result.  Snowball already bears the visible results of a violent assault from top dog Yvonne Atkins, so how will she cope when she is released from solitary confinement into the midst of the women whose lives she put at risk with her bomb attack?  And it seems that Snowball hasn’t abandoned her escape plans quite yet – as Wing Governor Karen Betts finds out to her cost.

 New inmates will also be arriving on G-wing, including Bev and Phyl, a pair of ex-pat con artists who waste no time in practising their skills on prisoners and officers alike.

Outside the prison walls, officer Di Barker is facing up to the fact that her marriage of convenience to gay Governing Governor Neil Grayling is not quite as cosy as she hoped it would be, while Sylvia ‘Bodybag’ Hollamby is embroiled in marital, and financial, problems of her own. 

Meanwhile corrupt officer Jim Fenner has organised a weekend in Amsterdam for himself and the lads – but gets a horrible surprise when he finds himself confronted with an old adversary.  It looks like the law has finally caught up with psychotic Shell Dockley – who will be returning to Larkhall like you’ve never seen her before…

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