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Bad Girls
Drama 2 x 90 Minutes & 8 x 60 Minutes

Bad Girls is a powerful drama depicting the trials and triumphs of prison inmates and officers in a notorious women's prison. The show dramatically portrays this tense and unusual community, capturing the warmth, compassion, and humour ...

Bad Girls - The Musical
Drama 1 x 132 mins

Bad Girls - The Musical is a fresh, funny and original British musical, based on characters from the award winning and hugely popular television drama. It has been developed by the creators of Bad Girls, Maureen Chadwick and Ann McManus, ...

Most Wanted Thumbnail
Bad Girls Most Wanted
Drama 1 x 60 minutes

Jack Ellis, aka Jim Fenner, presents a countdown of the top ten 'Most Wanted' inmates from the first six series of Bad Girls, as voted for by UK viewers.

Series 1 Thumbnail
Bad Girls Series 1
Drama 10 x 50 minutes

At HMP Larkhall, new G-Wing Governor Helen Stewart struggles to impose her authority over inmates and officers alike.

Series 2 Thumbnail
Bad Girls Series 2
Drama 13 x 50 minutes

G Wing is in turmoil. Wing Governor Helen Stewart hasn’t returned from holiday and Senior Officer Jim Fenner is in charge.

Series 3 Thumbnail
Bad Girls Series 3
Drama 1 x 60 minutes (episode 1) and 15 x 50 minutes (episodes 2-16)

Series 3 continues the cliffhanger from the end of series 2 - with the dangerous Shell Dockley about to stab corrupt officer, bad boy Jim Fenner, and Lifers' Governor Helen Stewart in turmoil over whether to betray her escaped lover, lifer ...

Series 4 Thumbnail
Bad Girls Series 4
Drama 16 x 50 minutes

Tough cookie Yvonne Atkins is facing a murder charge… but has she been framed by corrupt prison officer Jim Fenner, and will Wing Governor Karen Betts ever see Fenner’s true colours?

Series 5 Thumbnail
Bad Girls Series 5
Drama 16 x 50 minutes

The Three Julies, along with Al McKenzie, Buki Lester and Barbara Hunt were last seen trapped by the explosion that destroyed part of HMP Larkhall – who of the group has survived, and what are the lasting effects of their terrifying ordeal?

Series 6 Thumbnail
Bad Girls Series 6
Drama 10 x 50 minutes (episodes 2-11) and 2 x 70 minutes (episodes 1 and 12)

Bad Girls is back and the question on everyone’s lips seems to be – did Yvonne Atkins make it out alive?

Series 7 Thumbnail
Bad Girls Series 7
Drama 7 x 50 minutes (episodes 1-7) and 6 x 70 minutes (episodes 8-13)

Jim Fenner faces life on the other side of the bars. An ex-screw, Jim’s a lamb to the slaughter. Soon he’s begging for protection in the segregation block - along with the paedophiles and rapists. For Jim there’s only one way out – death ...

Series 8 Thumbnail
Bad Girls Series 8
Drama 11 x 50 minutes

Life on G Wing is shaken up irrevocably when new Wing Governor Louise ‘Lou’ Stoke takes the helm at a time of crisis. Ex-Army Governing Governor Joy Masterton likes to run G Wing with a rod of iron, but Lou has some very different ideas ...

Drama 1 x 70 Minutes & 6 x 50 Minutes

Jenna Marston (Zöe Lucker) is an ambitious and committed Army Captain who's nursing a big secret... she's having an affair with her boss, Major Nick Welling (Jeremy Sheffield). It's an affair that could cost them the careers they love, but ...

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