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Hope Springs
Drama Series 1 (8 x 60 Minutes)

Following the fortunes of Ellie, Hannah, Shoo and Josie, Hope Springs is a funny new family drama for BBC One about four fabulous ex-cons trying to go straight.

Rock Rivals
Drama 8 x 60 Minutes

Set against the glossy, bitchy backdrop of a TV music talent show, Michelle Collins (Dr Who, Two Thousand Acres of Sky, Eastenders) and Sean Gallagher (Coronation Street, New Street Law) go to war as Karina and Mal Faith, the bickering ...

The Fugitives
Drama 7 x 30 Minutes or 1 x 120 Minutes

With their every move tracked - and with half the country looking for them - just who can The Fugitives trust?

Series 1 Thumbnail
Waterloo Road

Waterloo Road is a fictional school set in Rochdale. The drama has mass appeal to a wide ranging audience and, although the drama features good and bad teachers and pupils, at its heart is a message that a few good teachers in one school ...

Waterloo Road Series 1
Waterloo Road Series 1
Drama 8 x 60 Minutes

Waterloo Road Comprehensive is on the scrap head but newly promoted Head Jack Rimmer is determined to turn the school around, painful step by painful step.

Waterloo Road Series 10 - Autumn Term
Drama 10x60'

Waterloo Road returns to BBC One for a new season.

Waterloo Rd 2
Waterloo Road Series 2
Drama 12 x 60 Minutes

Entrepreneur Roger Aspinall wants to turn Waterloo Road into a City Academy. Jack's role as Head is under immediate threat as Roger's plans get under way.

Series 3
Waterloo Road Series 3
Drama 20 x 60 minutes

Waterloo Road is on a mission to embrace 'inclusion', but Jack's novel use of the budget heralds the arrival of a new head, Rachel Mason.

Series 4 Thumbnail
Waterloo Road Series 4
Drama 20 x 60 minutes

Waterloo Road is open again for a brand new term, repaired and restored following the devastating fire that nearly gutted the whole school

Series 5
Waterloo Road Series 5
Drama 20 x 60 minutes

A brand new term at Waterloo Road heralds a major new change. The school has merged with local independent, but neither the "posh" John Fosters pupils nor the "scuzzy" Waterloo Road kids are happy about it.

WR6 Thumbnail
Waterloo Road Series 6
Drama 20 x 60'

Waterloo Road sees the arrival of new head teacher Karen Fisher, she is determined to bring her unique vision to the school and make it a safe, vibrant place to learn.

Waterloo Road Series 7 - Part 1 (May)
Drama 10 x 60'

Karen fights to save Waterloo Road from closure...

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Waterloo Road Series 10 - Autumn Term

From Wednesday 15th October 2014, 8:00pm on BBC One

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Waterloo Road Series 7 - Part 2 (September)

A new term, a new headmaster...

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