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Catwalk Dogs
Drama 1 x 70 Minutes

Sally (Georgia MacKenzie) and Michael (Kris Marshall) are a couple who are 'coping' with the trauma of miscarriage. The day Michael brings home a pedigree Fox Terrier called Archie, it changes their lives forever.

Footballers Wives
Footballers' Wives
Drama Series 1 (8 x 60 Minutes), Series 2 (8 x 60 Minutes), Series 3 (1 x 90 Minutes & 8 x 60 Minutes), Series 4 (2 x 90 Minutes & 7 x 60 Minutes), Series 5 (2 x 90 Minutes & 6 x 60 Minutes)

Footballers' Wives follows the lives of several young couples, all embroiled in the highly glamorous and treacherous world of Premiership football. They're young, they're rich, they're sexy, and they've got everything that money and fame ...

Exposed thumbnail
Footballers' Wives Exposed
Drama 1 x 60 minutes

From the comfort of her gracious living-room, Tanya Turner (Zöe Lucker) presents a wry look back at three seasons of being a soccer spouse.

Footballers' Wives Extra Time
Drama Series 1 (12 x 30 Minutes) Series 2 (20 x 30 Minutes or 13 x 45 Minutes)

Footballers' Wives Extra Time is a spin-off from the hugely popular drama series Footballers' Wives. Extra Time delivers an equal amount of high-octane action coupled with even more of the lusty, late night shenanigans of the Earls Park FC ...

Extra Time Series 1 Thumbnail
Footballers' Wives Extra Time Series 1
Drama 12 x 30 Minutes

Picking up from the end of Footballers’ Wives series 4, …Extra Time bursts on to the channel in a blast of gun smoke!

Extra Time Series 2 Thumbnail
Footballers' Wives Extra Time Series 2
Drama 20 x 30 Minutes or 13 x 45 Minutes

The naughty little sister of Footballers’ Wives is back and ready to kick off its football boots and head straight to the club for some late night, off pitch antics.

Series One
Footballers' Wives Series 1
Drama 8 x 60 Minutes

Footballers' Wives tells of the extraordinary lives of three young couples – the Walmsleys, the Turners and the Pascoes – as they deal with life in the celebrity spotlight

Series 2 Thumbnail
Footballers' Wives Series 2
Drama 8 x 60 Minutes

The first series left viewers on the edge of their seats with a cliff-hanger ending as tense as a penalty shoot-out and series two proves to be just as sensational as the last, with a mysterious corpse in the Pascoes’ pool, a couple of ...

Series 3 Thumbnail
Footballers' Wives Series 3
Drama 1 x 90 Minutes & 8 x 60 Minutes

A new season at Earls Park and fresh challenges for the Earls Park players and their wives. Kyle Pascoe is doubly bereaved following the deaths of his best friend and now his wife. But even grief won’t stop Chairman Frank Laslett from his ...

Series 4 Thumbail
Footballers' Wives Series 4
Drama 2 x 90 Minutes & 7 x 60 Minutes

It might be sex, sun, soccer and sangria, but will it all be fun and games for the Footballers’ Wives this season?

Series 5 Thumbnail
Footballers' Wives Series 5
Drama 2 x 90 Minutes & 6 x 60 Minutes

With new Club Chairman, Garry Ryan at the helm, it looks like the Sparks are set to fly this season. But will this randy music mogul succeed with Earls Park or could he be in a game he doesn’t understand?

Footballers Wives TV Thumbnail
Footballers' Wives TV
Drama 8 x 30 Minutes

With backstage access to four series of Footballers' Wives, FWTV: Footballers' Wives TV is a special interest satellite channel made for, by, and about footballers' wives: real, fictional, aspiring or dangerously delusional.

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